When your back feels good, you can take on the world and be the best version of you. BackJoy products are designed to effortlessly give your back the tune-ups your body needs throughout the day. So when life beckons, you can live it.

With BackJoy SitSmart Core


Our backs are one of the most important parts of our body’s foundation, but they don’t get the attention they deserve on a daily basis. And like any precision instrument, if our backs aren’t maintained well, we can’t perform at our best. BackJoy keeps your back naturally maintained, so you can be you—and get the most out of life.

Everything in life has a synchronicity to it—a flow. And the one part of our body that can have the greatest impact on keeping us “going with the flow” is our back. Ironically, it’s also the most neglected. A bad back not only keeps us from being active, it can affect our jobs, relationships and overall happiness. So let’s do something about it. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much. BackJoy products are designed to effortlessly give your back daily tune-ups.

The BackJoy team is dedicated to helping the world live without back pain.

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