Apart from distribution  of its brand throughout Greece, Tzelalis Group is handling European distributorship for the Canadian brand, Playmaker LCD.

PlayMaker LCD is the future of coaching boards! Playmaker LCD is the epitome of technological advancement that makes coaching much more interesting & fun. A push of a button wipes the board clean, completely eliminating the need for markers, chalk, and erasers. The backlit displays found in today's tablets and phones are difficult to view in bright sunlight. Playmaker LCD does not use a backlit display, so bright sunlight only increases the visibility of the display. Playmaker LCD provides "always on" power for approximately 1 year using button cell type batteries. No Charging Required! 

Upon taking over the distribution for Playmaker LCD for Europe, Tzelalis Group has managed to solidify the Playmaker LCD brand through its extensive channel of partners and clients which range to approximately 10 countries within the EU. Tzelalis Group is currently all handling warehousing and logistics  and has also created a marketing team that is designed to support its distributors with any custom material that they may need!