Jaybird & Mais, Inc. was founded in Lawrence, Massachusetts in April of 1985 as a manufacturing company focused on adhesive coated products and tapes for the shoe, industrial and sporting goods industries. 

In 1985, Garfield and Mais built an adhesive coating, laminating and complete winding/slitting operation to service their small but growing domestic and international clientele. As the business grew, the plant infrastructure grew to meet demand and create modern products. Currently, the modern and low-labor plant, operates a complete adhesive coating department with approved environmental thermal oxidization. It also boasts a complete slitting operation with automated duplex and single knife machinery as well as rewinding and shrink-wrap lines for packaging.

Today Jaybird & Mais is focused in the Sports Medicine, Hockey, and specialty industrial coated substrates markets. The core competency of the plant is applying rubber-based adhesives to textiles and release liners. Jaybird exports to over 90+ countries around the world and is known as privately held manufacturing company specializing in quality products with personalized service and flexibility.


Since 1985 Jaybird & Mais has been innovating and producing professional grade sports medicine products to the global marketplace. The Jaybird® the brand has evolved to be a staple in athletic training facilities around the world. From the first adhesive tape off the line to present day, Jaybird & Mais principles hold true: Create professional grade and consistent taping products at a fair price creating value for the medical professional and providing essential protection for the athlete.